Responsible Tourism

Mountain Travel Nepal is dedicated in supporting the local community. Empowering local communities through health and social development projects is an important way in which Mountain Travel Nepal strives to give back to society. Hygiene camps, eye check ups and local clinics provide much needed basic health services in villages. Income generating programs similarly afford marginalized women the opportunity to learn agricultural, handicraft and sewing skills. In Humla region, we hire local porters when feasible, all to generate jobs and insert money into the region, which is the least developed in Nepal.

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism is carried out by Mountain Travel Nepal by adopting the “Leave to Trace” policy. All guides have gone through a training on this topic and we encourage the clients to provide feedback at the debriefing sessions concerning how well they live up to our high goals.

Porters’ Protection Scheme

Mountain Travel Nepal was one of the founders of the Porters’ Protection Scheme to ensure fair service to trek porters. Today we continue our active involvement to ensure their welfare.

Conservation through Education

Conservation through Education was the vision of MTN’s founder, Col. Jimmy Roberts. Through the efforts of the World Pheasant Association (WPA) UK/JOMR Memorial Fund, an ex Gurkha friend, and MTN guests, schools along MTN’s Himalayan trekking routes are the beneficiaries of help and support. This includes 10 kindergarten, primary, and secondary schools, and recently the construction in Ghachok of the first ‘Plus 2’ school in the valley. Thus, students in this area who wish to continue their education no longer have to leave home and move to larger cities.


Clean Up Nepal partnership

We have entered a partnership with Clean up Nepal. Clean up Nepal is a Kathmandu-based NGO that works to improve solid waste management in Nepal by working closely with local communities and raising awareness on sustainable living. This approach is in line with our company’s philosophy of treading the earth lightly. Mountain Travel Nepal has provided Clean up Nepal office space for their operations. This partnership is expected to enable both organisations to share and generate ideas towards minimising our impact on the environment.