Trekking Grades

Trekking in Nepal is graded accordingly on the basis of geographical location, altitude gain and duration of trekking time per day. Due to topographical diversity of Nepal, the altitude varies from just 60 meters above the sea level to top of the world at 8848 meters. This shows that there are numerous trekking sites from soft and easy to moderate, strenuous and challenging around the foothills of Nepal Himalayas.

Therefore trekking in Nepal can be experienced by any individual with strong will power and passion to walk along the trails. It is recommended that you practice some cardio vascular exercises like skipping, jogging, walking, swimming and cycling to increase your stamina that will eventually be advantage while trekking in Nepal. Trekking in Nepal grades are explained as follows:

Easy or Grade 1 (*)

Easy or grade 1 trekking can be embarked by any age group which usually involves less than 3000 meters of altitude gain and total duration not exceeding 10 days. Therefore it can be said as short and easy trekking trips in Nepal with no more than 5 hours of walking activity per day. You will witness more of culture and great Himalayan sunrise and sunset views from easy or grade 1 trekking.

Moderate or Grade 2 (**)

Moderate or Grade 2 trekking activity comprises around couple of weeks duration with an altitude gain ranging from 3000m to 5000m. Usually an individual will also be able to walk for around 5 to 7 hours of walk per day with mix of rough, steep and smooth walks. There would not be high chances of altitude sickness while joining moderate graded trekking adventure in Nepal.

Strenuous or Grade 3 (***)

Strenuous or Grade 3 types of trekking holiday involve an elevation around 5000meters above sea level, therefore one should be well prepared with physical fitness, health conditions and knowledge on acute mountain sickness too. Trekking activity would be usually around than 7 hours a day with more of steep ascends and mixture of rough/smooth walking on varied geographical locations.

Challenging or Grade 4 (****)

Challenging or grade 4 is very strenuous adventure which may require climbing and mountaineering skills to join in. The altitude gain would be till 6000 meters with more than 7 hours of walk per day which might be steep, rough and even at snow. Training and previous experience with high level of physical fitness and ability to use ice axe, ropes and crampons is required to embark for this type of challenging adventure in Nepal.

Extreme adventure or Grade 5 (*****)

Extreme adventure or grade 5 trekking activity is only for those who dare to conquer best of Himalayan expeditions with excellent physical fitness level, previous climbing experience at high altitudes and high tolerance levels. Altitude gain would be more than 6000 meters above sea level and trekking duration would be nearly for a month. Most often snow covered passes are needed to be tackled professionally in safe way and claim to be daredevil extreme adventure enthusiast.

Above grading system on trekking, peak climbing and expedition in Nepal is very subjective and therefore may vary while experiencing in real world. Various factors like individual fitness level, weather conditions affect the difficulty level of any trekking in Nepal. Therefore it should only be taken as a reference before embarking for adventure in Nepal.